No Forced CoolingPioneer in the industry

No Forced Cooling

Works on natural convection currents there is no noise and no dust is picked up by circulating air which is bothersome for any breathing problems of allergy such as Asthma.

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Pioneer in the industry

Already being supplied in USA, Australia, New Zealand and Chile.

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How it Works

Amaze-Heater is a safe, efficient, economic, electric heater that simply surface mounts onto interior walls and works by generating convectional air movement which distributes warm air to give background warmth in the room.

Model Range

Amaze-Heater is the only heater of its kind with a wide choice. Heaters are available in standard international voltages with various plug connection options.

Available sizes : 250W, 400W and 600W.

Uniqueness Of Amaze-Heater

Highest Safety – Triple insulated. Higher rating in Range-600W also Available.Amaze-Heater is supplied with a heat reflector film t o avoid heat loss to wall behind.

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  • As Amaze has no forced cooling and works on natural convection currents there is no noise and no dust…